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Devine Marie, Certified Travel Expert℠

Destination Expertise: Fantasy Travel–Oregon
Member Since: 2023
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FantaSeek is a travel planning service like no other. We pride ourselves in being Travel Designers that curate customized fantasy-themed experiences for adventure seekers. Being the FIRST of our kind, we use fantasy elements and turn them into real travel opportunities to experience. Arrangements are made to gain passage to and maneuver within different Time Eras, Story Worlds, Fandom Realms, Holiday Lands, and Alternate Dimensions (figuratively speaking) that have been carefully evaluated personally by FantaSeek as fully immersive experiences of exceptional quality. We have discovered hundreds of destinations for extraordinary day trips, weekend getaways, or vacations in Oregon and soon beyond.

The most invigorating way to see these places is to allow yourself to be led, as if in a dream or a living movie. Let go of having to know how everything is going to play out by being open to interweaving a variety of FantaPortal types – we customize them already to your liking with the itinerary. 

Our planning fees mean we aren’t dependent on commissions, business sponsors, or social media followers, allowing us not to leave out nonprofit organizations/small businesses and attractions not widely advertised – meaning making the unknown KNOWN to our clients with honest, unbiased recommendations to ensure the most incredible, most unique offerings out there!

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