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The Travel Expert Network (TEN) is a free matching service for travelers who need an exceptional travel planner. All of our experts are certified by Travel Beyond the Obvious, create custom trips using simple fee-based pricing, and are boots-on-the-ground experts in their region. If you choose one of them you will have an amazing trip.

Have a look, explore! If you find an expert who seems like they could plan the trip of your dreams, you can contact them directly. There is no charge to travelers to use the Travel Expert Network to find a travel expert.

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Map: Every dot represents a Certified Travel Expert with expertise in travel to that region. Click on any dot to find out more about the expert.

Directory: You can also browse the Travel Expert Directory to find an expert.

Search: If you’d rather you can submit a request on the Search screen and we will find you a matching expert.

Certification: All of the experts listed in the TEN directory have been certified as Certified Travel Experts™ by Travel Beyond the Obvious, the premier certification organization for fee-based travel planners.

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